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THe people and story behind EBTT

EBTT Founder

Gyorgy Czanik (LLM) - managing partner


An HR professional specializing in C&B management, Gyorgy offers 20+ years of senior management experience in various roles at the local, regional and global level of international companies. Beyond managing within the consulting, manufacturing, FMCG and transport industries, since 2014, his consulting activities have supported companies in the chemical, textile, retail and financial services industries as well.

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"During the two decades of my career, I have managed complex employment agreements and international HR processes (job evaluations, salary reviews, target setting, etc.). This has exposed me to daily interactions with senior employees and their even-more-senior managers. In these interactions, while handling complicated and sensitive matters, I have learned two things especially.

  1. It makes no sense to introduce the main topics of an interaction before a certain level of trust is built, because of the complexity of most of the topics and because topics related to employment (pay, taxes, contractual terms, etc.) are – by definition – loaded with very intense emotions for employees.
  2. The core competence of an HR manager lies in his or her ability to handle matters with care, clarity, an adequate level of transparency and sensitivity to nuances.

Building on these insights, I have developed my HR practice over the years: first at the level of individual interactions and later at the level of multiple interactions driven by policies and processes. This is the soil in which EBTT has been grown.

Whenever I managed to increase employees’ trust in C&B policies and processes, I saw that it quickly brought peace in the organization. Intuitively, I knew that this was a result of the extension of trust.

On these grounds, I decided to invest in deeper knowledge and insights about the nature of trust. I researched the available scientific and management literature and arrived at the point where I knew I wanted to share the things I had learned. That was the moment when EBTT was born."


We are here to:

  • Provide companies with active help to enhance the well-being of their employees and managers
  • Create and maintain the well-being of our own employees and external partners through work and work environment that are inspiring and rewarding
  • Share the results of our activities with those who need help
  • Optimize the ecologic footprint of our activities

Our Mission

We contribute to the well-being of employees and managers and enable their companies to realize their targets by:

  • Providing companies with insights into possible policy and process improvements in order to cultivate and extend the trust of their employees
  • Offering best-in-class advice and support to our clients to help them optimise their HR practices

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