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A true win-win opportunity in HR management

A True Win-Win Opportunity in HR

A true win-win opportunity

Trusted HR practices improve employees’ well-being and enhance key business drivers

Gyorgy Czanik - 2018

Neerpelt, May 29, 2018

I am very pleased and proud to announce the launch of the EBTT Programme via our new website www.ebtt.biz.

Welcome to the first seven modules of the EBTT Programme

EBTT - Enhance Business Through Trust
EBTT is an acronym for Enhance Business Through Trust. It combines two decades of experience in compensation and benefits (C&B) management and the findings of research (1) on employee trust.
EBTT enables the C&B function to enhance employee experience and to raise the level of employee trust.

The ability to build and cultivate employee trust is a “must have competence” for companies to compete with success these days.

The level of employee trust is strongly correlated with key performance indicators, such as quality, operational excellence, customer experience, innovation and entrepreneurship, adaptability, resilience, etc.

Our “modus operandi”

EBTT helps to optimize the context of the interactions between employees and the company in respect of C&B.

We tune C&B policies, processes and employee touchpoints to cultivate employee trust, which, in combination with focused leadership development programmes, are the key enablers of trusted C&B practices.

This programme also helps companies to design C&B strategies that use the strength of trusted C&B practices.

What do we do?

We scan the applied C&B practices (policies, processes, templates, communication materials) and all employee touchpoints against 10 attributes of trust.  The scan is designed for specific areas of C&B management. This modular design and the number of attributes allow us to focus on adequate levels of detail in order to capture all the relevant nuances.

We provide HR managers, in a confidential setting, with a nuanced baseline of the current levels of the 10 attributes of trust and with insights into optimization opportunities.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we lead or participate in the design (or re-design) of trusted C&B solutions. This process always integrates both our know-how and the internal knowledge of the HR department.

Currently, the following scan-modules are available:

  1. Job description
  2. Job evaluation
  3. Base salary benchmarking
  4. Base salary management
  5. Management bonus programmes
  6. Target setting
  7. Sales incentive programmes.

We will continue with the work to develop further modules to ensure our clients can optimize the complete spectrum of C&B management to practices trusted by their employees.

Learn more about the EBTT Programme

Please visit www.ebtt.biz to learn more about the EBTT Programme and our services.

Free WebEx

We invite you to register to the WebEx of June 6, starting at 2.pm. CET. During the WebEx  Gyorgy Czanik will explain the link among employee trust, employee experience and C&B management and will share details about the EBTT approach to build trusted C&B practices. Registration: Webinar Registration

Online mini-scan

Do you want to gain immediate practical experience with the EBTT Programme?  Please run a free online employee trust mini-scan on our website, www.ebtt.biz.

One-on-one call

If you want to talk one-on-one about EBTT or about the development of trusted HR practices, please book a free 30-minute call or WebEx with us at Booking tool – one-to-one call

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